From A Scattered Mind

You and me
May never make a mark
On the shape of history
But I'm glad you came to make
Your mark on me

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Right, so… back from Shutocon. ;u;

It was a good con. I had much fun, despite nasty headaches for unexplainable reasons…

But I had wonderful friends with me and it was fan-fucking-tastic. ;u;

Nope, it’s going to be horrible. The worst day.

You are a poop who is also full of poop

major poopage

too much poop 4 me

csi-ruby replied to your post: Aaaaaaah. Somehow I’m making my other costume for…

Are we on the watch for Bruno and Byakuren then..?

Yep! So… Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. (Judai’s gonna hold up fine, Mel’s the one who put it together, so I’m not worried about it. XD;;; )

csi-ruby replied to your photo: This is the coffee mug I use at work! #coffee…

Pfft, I’m surprised that it hasn’t washed off yet.

I’m like… STUPID careful with it. >_> It’s special to me. <>

Ooooo! Yay, okay!! 8D


favorite character: Italy, Romano, and Seborga!
least favorite: I’m… not as big of a fan of Russia and China and Japan I suppose?
who resembles me: I’m rather Spain-esque, with bits of Prussia thrown in, overall very America. XD
who I’d want as my best friend: All the Italians! I’d never have to pay for anything ever again. >_>
who I’d get along with least: I’d probably punch Prussia’s face in. Just saying.
otp(s):  PruCan, SpaMano, GerIta, DenNor, SuFin, FrUK, America/Korea, Seborga/Wy


favorite character: ONE FOR EACH PART, GO: Zeppeli, Joseph, Polnareff, Koichi, Mista, F.F., Gyro!
least favorite: I… um… there’s… but… then… I… no.
who I’d want as my best friend: I want Jolyne and Hermes and F.F. as my best friends. They’d be like… the BEST FRIENDS EVER.
who I’d get along with least: Pucci and Dio and probably like… like… Cars.
otp(s):  Joseph/Suzi, Jonathan/Erina, Speedwagon/Zeppeli, Joseph/Caesar (a little, whoops), Jolyne/Annasui… yeah. XD


5 and 18.

Well I mean I wasn’t entirely swayed but if Bella says that’s what they look like, I’m convinced.

Haha! Yes! See, Bella’s always got my back.

(just make sure she doesn’t see the back of the ball, Bella, shhhh)

csi-ruby replied to your post: A Small Promotion for Cool Peeps

Why would you do that? ) :

Because I rabu? =)