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You and me
May never make a mark
On the shape of history
But I'm glad you came to make
Your mark on me

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Selena & Ellis: Part 1

I’m re-making this post to let everyone know that…

Selena & Ellis Part 1 is now Kindle exclusive! And, starting on October 5, it will be available in the Kindle store for 99 cents! So from October 5-October 7 you can pick it up for a quick buck. Then the 8th through the 10th it’ll be 1.99 before reverting back to it’s original 2.99 price!

So if you want to hold off to buy it, I don’t blame you, but any support you could give would be appreciated! Especially if you’ll let me know what you think of the story so far~


Meiling / Miko / Futo / Tojiko / Komachi / Imaizumi by Terrajin.

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I probably didn’t walk away from this anime wanting the right characters to smooch but being wrong feels great so


By 小柳
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